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Kite Plans

Looking for a new kite to try building? Every month new kite plans will be published in this section. Post photos and videos of your progress and use the hashtag #AKAbuild when posting online.

Rok Plan - 4 ft Rokkaku Plan by Phil Broder

Shield Kite - by Sam and Cari King for Oregon Kitemaker's Retreat

MiniRok Kite Plan - By Harold Ames and David Ashworth

Malay Kite Plan - by Mike Dallmer

KOI 4 Sheeter Kite Plan - by Ron Petralito

Ginga Templates - Template for Christoph Tournay's Ginga Kite (as described on page 28 of Kiting Spring 2011

AKA Mini Kite Banner - Plan for making a table top AKA Mini Banner

Sode Pop Plan - A modern Material Sode Daku by Sam King.

Quinn Circular Box - Kite plan of Circular Box by Cliff Quinn

American Barn DoorBarn Door Kite Plan by Rod Beamguard Oregon Kitemakers' Retreat January, 2007


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